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The Coast and Christmas

Past Generations of Australians have spent Christmas eve packing the stationwagon(that's what families had before 4WD's) and heading for their favourite haunt at a "quiet" coastal village, as soon as the Christmas pudding was digested. Perhaps this trend is not so strong now. Once manufacturing, which employed a higher proportion of the workforce than now, would shut down for three weeks and provide a big slice of the mass exodus to the coast. Now the economy only pauses for a few days and couples and families place more emphasis on a gourmet lunch at home and catching up with friends without too much driving around.

But the coast is not forgotten, particularly by the city baby boomers. They are starting to drift to retirement at coastal centres within an umbilical cord of freeway reach back to a city as needed. For some itís harking back to childhood days either growing up along the coast or the post Christmas holiday pilgrimage. For others its deep research from studying the climatic maps and lifestyle options. Deidre Macken's article "Buying on the Coast" in today's Financial Review is a tour de force of this topic. You can find more about coastal migration in the Resources section of this site.

Posted Tuesday, 24 December 2002

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