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Intergenerational Poppycock

So the big announcement from the government finally comes. After the 100 page Intergenerational Report of 14 May 2002 we finally hear the solution to ageing population and 50+ baby boomers without enough savings and fearful of staying in work. The solution is......

They should use up what little savings they have to supplement part-time work so that when they get to 65 they have nothing. And as for incentives to accumulate more savings late in life when the bungee kids have finally gone- nothing!

Whilst the opposition has little better to offer, Costello and his Treasury geniuses have treated a large voting lobby with contempt. He now has bigger problems than waiting for John Howard to move on. The Liberal converted boomers are angry and starting to hum "It's Time for a Change" from the 1972 Labor election song book.

Posted Thursday, 26 February 2004

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