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Victoria passes 5 Million

State population figures as at September 2005 were released this week by the ABS. Victoria has just passed 5 million. The biggest gaining state (due to interstate migration) continues to be Queensland which grew by 75,100 to 3,980,800 (and we project by today they must be 4 million). The Australian population grew by 1.2% over the year, of which just over half is from net overseas migration and half births less deaths.

Viewing state population raises the issue as to whether people should compete in the Commonwealth games by state. New Zealand is 4 million and the UK split off Scotland (5 million) and Wales (3 million) for the games. But India would have to get down to suburb level to get their 1 billion to a comparable level. Or maybe the swimming should be handicapped by swimming pools per head of population and average distance lived from the beach. Maybe it's just a bit of fun and we don't get too excited about it. How much did we spend on the opening ceremony again - $50 million? - Now that's a few swimming pools!

Posted Thursday, 23 March 2006

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