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Super Policy Challenge

Australia ranks 4th in the world for superannuation assets as a % of GDP at 103% of GDP as at 31 Dec 2010 (Towers Watson GPAS study 2011). But we now face the challenging end game of getting this money to drip feed through to retirees as lifetime pension rather than a Lotto win to be spent on foreign travel and left to the kids.

Whilst we might now be overtaking both the UK and US at 101% and 104% of GDP, we are (except for the gold plated public sector pensions) in kindergarten when it comes to retirement income policy. The countries ahead of us (these two plus the leaders Netherlands and Switzerland) all have well established compulsory rules for a significant part of assets to be drip fed as pension.

Bruce Gregor, principal researcher at Financial Demographics, has been working on policy strategies to correct the Australian systemís deficiencies in post retirement phase and will soon be launching a research project proposal in conjunction with a leading University pension research centre and a global actuarial firm. More details will be provided in future news items and Research Papers in the resources section of this site.

Posted Wednesday, 9 February 2011

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