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US Young Women Wellbeing Index

PRB has just released the latest report on the relative wellbeing of different generations of young women (up to age 34). You can read the 28 page report here http://www.prb.org/Publications/Reports/2017/US-Womens-Well-Being-Stalled

PLUS results are:

* Educational attainment has increased: Womenís high school dropout rate has fallen over time, while the share of women with at least a bachelorís degree has increased.

* The gender gaps in earnings and in business ownership persist but have narrowed from one generation to the next.

* The teen birth rate is at an historic low.

* The share of young women who are smoking has dropped sharply among Generation X and Millennials compared with previous generations.

* The female homicide rate has fallen in each generation since the Baby Boom.

* While women remain underrepresented in Congress and in state legislatures, their share of legislators has increased with each successive generation.

MINUS results are:

* The proportion of women ages 30 to 34 living in poverty increased to about 17 percent for the Millennial generation from about 12 percent for Generation X.

* Young women in Generation X faced higher rates of maternal mortality than women of the Baby Boom, and rates are even higher for Millennial women.

* About 1 in 4 workers in high-paying STEM occupations (jobs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields) were women in Generation X, but this has fallen to 1 in 5 for Millennials.

* The suicide rate for young women in the Millennial generation increased to 6.3 per 100,000 from 4.4 per 100,000 in Generation X.

* Womenís incarceration rates have grown 10-fold between the World War II generation and Millennial generation.

Is someone reporting on this in Australia? Let us know.

Posted Saturday, 17 June 2017

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