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Population and Migration Data

Politicians are expert at picking and choosing figures to hide the main issues people are concerned about. A recent example is Prime Minister Scott Morrison picking the smaller component of Migration (Permanent) rather than the total Migration under the control of Federal Government which is Net Overseas Migration. Net Overseas Migration includes Permanent settlers and Work and Foreign Student Visas, all of whom have rights to apply for Permanent status onshore and are here for at least 12 months minimum using our roads, trains, buses, hospitals, water and electricity.

Then Mr Morrison goes on to compound the deception by comparing his smaller Permanent migration component figure to Births and calls Births the Natural Increase whereas all demographers know that Natural Increase is Births minus Deaths. One might excuse politicians sometimes for ignorance but this is not ignorance - it is deception. Mr Morrison majored in Geography at University then worked for Tourism Australia and held ministerial positions in Immigration and Social Security. He knows the ABS statistics inside out and is playing with them.</P>

You can download our spreadsheet of Population, Net Overseas Migration and Natural Increase for calendar years 1945 to 2017 here http://www.findem.com.au/news/AustralianPopulation_1945_2017.xlsx

Posted Tuesday, 18 September 2018

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