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Travelling Solo or Single

In last Fridayís Financial Review, Deidre Macken analyses trends for the travel industry catering for the solo tourist. For World Expeditions, the percentage of solo travellers had risen form 32% to 45% over the past two years.

Financial Demographics estimates that in the 1950ís and 1960ís single travellers might have been attributed to the travelling widows of the male heart attack victims in their 50ís. These days widowhood is not so common and more complex explanations are likely to explain solo travellers.

According to Mackenís research, reasons for the trend in solo travel are as follows:

* Acceptability of partners taking separate holidays

* Strenuous travel as an extension of sport and only suited to one partner

* Mind space destinations such as health farms and retreats

* A complete escape from stressful living which requires also an escape from family members

Demands which solo travel places on tour companies and facilities include:

* more economical single accommodation

* same sex share room accommodation

* tours priced to attract like minded people

* facilitating making friends and meeting people without partnering-up being a major focus

* a preference for clubs for solos rather than singles

Posted Thursday, 11 April 2002

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