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New Year Events 2004

New Years have less hype now we have got over the Millenium change (was it 2000 or 2001? - FinDem is sticking to 2001) and the Y2K bug (remember that - it was whether computers would crash the world because lazy programmers had programmed years as two digits not four). Now that we have experinced S11 (11 September 2001 terrorists attack on WTC and Pentagon), Bali bombing and SARS and are still witnessing AIDS devastation in Africa, new years are a bit more subdued, yet ever hopeful of good things as humans are the optimist species.

Some Big Events in 2004 are as follows:-

* Olympic Games in Greece 13 August to 29 August 2004

* US Presidential Election 2 November 2004

* Australian Federal Election. The earliest possible date for a combined House of Representatives and half senate election would be 7 August 2004. The "normal" date according to the Constitution is 3 years from the first sitting day of the current Parliament which would give 11 February 2005; but it could be as late as 16 April 2005 allowing for issuing writs and other parctical delays

Posted Wednesday, 31 December 2003

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