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Waiting for the 2nd Echo

The peak year for birth of the Baby Boomers' babies was 1971 when Australia's largest birth cohort ever occurred at 276,362 births. With current median age of mothers at 30, demographers have been expectantly waiting for the second echo of the Baby Boomers 30 years after 1971. But disappointment continues with the release by the ABS (today finally!) of the number of births in 2003 which was 251,200, just 200 more than last year.

Unless the government baby bonuses produces results next year, it looks like market researchers will need to find a new term for who comes after "Generation Y/dotcom" because "echo generation" just won't work and a birth blip is just not going to register on the PowerPoint graphs. FinDem has updated our database of births with this latest number.

Posted Friday, 26 November 2004

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