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Top Four Migrant Homes

Australian shores have been etched for 217 years by waves of migration from different homelands. The UK, home of the original migrants, remains the dominant birthplace for overseas born Australians according to the 2005 ABS Year Book.

The top four birthplaces of the 4.1 million overseas born from the 2001 Census are UK (1.0 million), New Zealand (356,000), Italy (219,000) and Vietnam (155,000). Later estimates suggest however that Yugoslav Republic and China may have overtaken Vietnam for fourth spot by the time we get to the next Census in 2006.

Oldest are the Italians with median age 62 and median year of arrival of 1959. UK'ers have median age 52 and year of arrival 1970. Kiwis are median age 37 with year of arrival 1988. Vietnamese are median age 37 with year of arrival 1990. Concentrations as percentage of state populations are UK'ers in WA(11%) (first stop on the 10 pound pom boats!), Kiwis in Queensland(4%), Italians(2%) and Vietnamese(1%) in Victoria.

Posted Thursday, 17 February 2005

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