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America's Minority Fixation

The US Census Bureau has a curious fixation with 'minorities' - i.e. anyone who is 'not single race, non-Hispanic origin'. It seems they are a bit shy about just calling the rest the 'white majority'. In 2005 they calculate there were 98 million (34%) in ?minorities? out of total population of 286.4 million (The population will reach 300 million in November 2006). The closest comparison from the Australian Census is people whose parents? ancestry is not Australian or European (16% in 2001).

The largest US minority is Hispanic at 42.7 million, followed by Black 37.9 million, Asian 13.9 million, American Indian 3.6 million and Hawaiian and Pacific Island 0.8 million. Half of the population growth over the past year is explained by Hispanics and mainly from births (800,000) rather than immigration (500,000). One day the whites may be a minority.

Posted Saturday, 27 May 2006

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