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Australia at 23 Million

According to the ABS Population Clock, the Australian population ticked over to 23,000,000 a few minutes ago at 9:27 PM 23rd April 2013.

Since 1997 the ABS has been projecting population on 3 alternative sets of assumptions as to births, deaths and migration. In those 1997 projections, the population was not expected to reach 23 million until 2021 (i.e. in another 8 years) on the highest basis. On the low basis 23 million was not expected until close to 2050.

The latest projections from ABS were released in 2008 and showed projected population not reaching 23 million until 2016 on the highest basis. A new set of ABS projections is due shortly as they normally follow 2 years after the Census.

Posted Tuesday, 23 April 2013

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